Advantages Of PPC Marketing Over SEO

advantages of PPC

One of the main advantages of PPC ads is its prime positioning. When you search for, say, “best furniture store”, in Google, you will see how prominently the PPC ads are displayed at the top of the search results page with a list of competitors displaying their ads about their furniture stores. No matter what, people will click on the results at the top of the page, which, no surprise, are exactly where the ads that make Google money are positioned.

Second advantage is depending on how patient you are. With PPC, you can launch a campaign in Google Ads, and almost immediately, your ads will start appearing on page one of Google. SEO, by comparison, is a long term investment. You have to wait at least three to six months to start seeing any type of results in the first page, and in a competitive market, it could take over a year. The worst part is that SEO usually works based on Google’s algorithm, which gets changed very often by Google. Once the algorithm changes, all the work that has been done for months could be lost overnight. That is extremely frustrating.

One of the other advantages of PPC is that it will give you clear, measurable results. You will know exactly how much you spent on clicks and how many leads and how much revenue you generated in return. You cannot get those results in SEO because Google does not provide a lot of SEO data with website owners, which makes it very difficult to accurately measure how many leads you are getting from organic traffic.

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