Do you have a Facebook Business Page?

why should you have a facebook business page_

Facebook can be a great asset if you are using a business page where all your posts and shares contain business news of interest.

Take advantage of creating a business page linked to your website that is represented in the best way possible. This can be another good place to employ keywords that reflect what your business does. You can share links to your blog through a Facebook post, just like the post you are reading into it right now. Facebook Business Page is essential because with its ads feature, you can advertise your products or services effortlessly.

With the Facebook Ads feature, you can target your ads to specific customers, that can be filtered by certain interests, location, age, and any number of variables relevant to your product or services. You can have your target customers land on your business Facebook page, your blog or website, or even your shopify store on Facebook. You can either pay (for the ads you are running) by impressions, which is how many times your ad appears on the selected platforms, or by clicks, meaning you pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement that goes to the link provided. To find out more on the Facebook Ad features and how it can benefit your business, sit back and engage with us. We will give you the results you’ve always wanted.

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