How To Drive Your Web Traffic With Online Marketing

driving traffic with online marketing

We know website is essential for business, but is it enough? To be successful as on online business marketer, you need hundreds of people visiting your site every single day. We are talking about website traffic. Web traffic is important but generating traffic is not the only goal of an online marketing strategy. Your website also must determine a high conversion rate.

What is conversion rate? It is the percentage of users who respond to a CTA. They might request more information, sign up for your e-newsletter, register for a webinar, request for a free consultation, or make a purchase. Online marketing is all about 2 things: generating traffic and converting visitors into buyers.

Another thing to consider when developing your online marketing plan is the impact of mobile devices on the internet marketing. Always look at how you can drive traffic on mobile platforms because nowadays mobile phones have become necessity. Your overriding goal is to increase the volume of any one traffic source while maintaining consistent traffic from other channels. Never depend on only one or two channels. There’s affiliate marketing, banner ads, content marketing, co-registration i.e. a process for collecting subscribers by co-advertising along with other site owners or companies collecting opt-in subscribers, email marketing, e-newsletters, Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Influencer Marketing Campaigns, Infographics, podcasts, QR codes, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, YouTube videos and many.

The study of internet marketing has led me to believe one thing for sure: success requires an experimental mindset. We have got to be willing to try new ways to attract and engage our audience, to rigorously test what we are doing, and to let go of what does not work. We are a team of savvy internet marketers. We are always on the lookout for what is new, what is tried and true, and what is working now. Consult us for a free consultation to discuss about how we can bring you a valuable traffic to your online business.

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