Search Engine Marketing

Search Network

Making an Investment in Paid Search can always yield Traffic. At Glam It Digital, we are Google Adwords Certified and we know our way around in creating the right campaigns and targeting the right set of audience in order to cater to your needs. It is a cost-effective method on both Websites and Search Engines. The best part is, you only pay when the user clicks on your Ad and you will have the flexibility to allocate the budget per day, week or month.
So when you run a Google Search, the sponsored links that appear on the top of the results are Ads. That is where we will be trying to show your Ad and make sure that it’s a good ranking.

Display Network

Display Ad refers to graphical or text ads placed on third party websites. This can be relatively cheap method of exposing your brand to a large number of potential customers. All though Display Advertising is done through various platforms, Google is the largest search network that is used. Text, Image or Video can appear on Websites selected by the relevance and context. There are over 3 million sites on Google Display Network alone, so this is the right way for you to reach the largest number of people.


Remarketing helps you target the people who have already been to your website. This process is high essential for converting window shoppers into real customers. We can do remarketing through Google Adwords and Facebook. We can also remarket on Youtube using video Adverts.
Apart from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, all offer Pay per click advertising. At Glam It Digital we help you manager Pay per click on all platforms that you desire.

What Can Paid Search Do For Your Service / Business?

At Glam It Digital, we utilize data analysis tools, leading technologies and innovate thinking to create the right campaign for your Service or Business.
  • It helps for more accurate tracking
  • Allows Campaigns to be tested before advertising
  • The Keyword Research Tool in your Adwords account helps you pick the exact and relevant keywords for your service / business
  • It provides a wide range of targeting options for your Ad.
  • It helps you build consistent and relevant traffic to your business
  • It can help and give you the first page exposure on Search engine results
  • It gives your brand a larger reach than any other online tools