Social Media Marketing

Social Media is not just used for branding, but for also developing and maintaining lasting relationship with your target audience. This is something we can completely take off your hands and take full responsibility for. A strategic approach is highly essential for Social Media Management. We will observe and analyze the voice and tone that the audience respond to the most and create and execute relevant content to foster a stronger bond between between you and the target audience.
Social Media has become integral to the way we use Internet. Important Content is not only linked, it is shared, liked, tweeted and pinned. At Glam It Digital, we have extensive experience in building your Social Media brand across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Whether you’re looking to increase website traffic, generate leads or drive sales, build brand awareness, we mix the right amount of creativity and hard work to cater to all your needs.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the biggest Social Networking platform in the world, having more than 1.5 billion users. Question is, it is possible to reach at least half of that population? and the answer is Yes. At Glam It Digital, we help you get your brand’s message across your target audience through Facebook advertising. Just posting content alone will not help you reach the entire target audience for your business, hence a paid strategy is a vital part of marketing that needs to be implemented.
Since Facebook’s targeting options are extremely powerful, we can help reach the right target audience demographics, work, education, location, interest, behaviors and even life events such as moving to a different place or having a child. We can also help build Custom audience, which can help target specifically. A common example of this it to target people who are already interested in your service / product or those who have already visited your website.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is considered as the fastest growing Social Media platform. It’s growth has been consistently increasing ever since Facebook bought it 2013. While Instagram is always about visual treat, we can also use Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in order to drive traffic to the website, brand awareness and leads. As explained for Facebook, here also we can target audiences based on location, Demographics, Interests, education, work and life events. We can also build custom audiences according to the business needs and target them.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter is also considered a large player on Social Media having over 300 million users. While the character limits on twitter is just 140, we can still drive KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of all kinds such as, Sales, Website traffic or Brand awareness.
The Targeting options in twitter and very precise and smart. We can target using words/ phrases used in tweets, demographics, location and interest. We can also target people based on who they follow. Apart from that, we can also build Custom Audiences according to your needs and target them alone. The Twitter landscape changes rapidly from day to day and it is our responsibility to be updated on everything and help you with Marketing.

Why Choose Glam It Digital As Your Social Media Marketing Agency?

  • We will help your Social Media community to grow rapidly within 1 year with quality Content and Engagement
  • We will constantly monitor your competitor’s activity : What’s working for them? Where do opportunities lie? How to make their followers follow your account? Alongside profiling your audience and determining how they behave
  • We will be using Advanced Analytics and Social listing tools to find out the target audience and also how people are responding in order to deliver the best performance
  • We will come up with innovative Campaigns and Engaging posts to always keep the Social Media fans motivated and loyal to your page.