Why LinkedIn Works For Business

Why LinkedIn works for business

Initially, LinkedIn used to be a place to keep an online version of your CV or resume and make business connections. Now, LinkedIn has evolved into a more social tool that features groups and company pages, similar to features that are available in Facebook – but they are tailored to a business and professional audience. Why LinkedIn works for business – because of its marketing potential, especially for business-to-business (B2B) marketing.

LinkedIn has a valuable demographic for marketers – and an older and experienced one. Seventy-nine percent of its members are over 35, with business background and professional experiences. These members tend to be senior, affluent, influential, open for business – and open to doing business with you online.

It is a useful way to make number of contacts, most of it could be your potential lead to your business. You can make connections with key decision makers at organisations you want to work with or do business with. This is another reason Why LinkedIn works for business – because it has a powerful database of professionals who are likely to be within your broad areas of interest, who are not directly connected to, but to whom you could get an introduction via people you do know. This is like real-life business networking, except that you can see which people your business contacts know in front of you on your screen, and decide who you think might be useful for you to know.

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